About bootsiescomputers.com

This is my own website to record my messing about with “stuff” – computers, electronics, hi-fi and anything else that takes my fancy really.

I wanted a repository where I could keep pictures and record details of my various projects.  I hope some of it may be of interest or maybe even some use to someone else.


  1. Hello! I found your page while looking for images of completed Sigma 11 builds. Yours looks exceptionally nice! I am considering a Sigma11 build using the same enclosure as you (a Galaxy Maggiorato GX183, I assume). As you said you used Schaeffer (Front Panel Express here in the USA) for the rear panel, I assumed you designed it with their Front Panel Designer software… If so, would you be willing to provide the FPD file you used to create the cutouts?

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks Matt, yes that’s exactly the case I used, with a 10mm black aluminum front panel. I’ll check if I have the FPD files, you’re welcome to them if I have.
      I think Modushop now offer panel customisations (drilling, labelling) too, so might be worth checking if that’s any cheaper than Schaeffer.
      I’ll go and look for those FPD files now.
      Thanks for the comments,

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