The Boozhound Labs pre-amp I built needed a power supply.  The basic option was just to use a basic “wall wart” DC power supply, but knew these were generally low quality, unregulated and quite noisy.  Since pre-amp quality is pretty dependent upon power supply quality, I decided I wanted to use something better.

I found a project by AMB Labs for a Sigma 11 power supply.   It’s a high-quality regulated single-rail power supply.  I’d configure it for 24v.

Again, I used a case from Modushop and a rear panel from Schaeffer.

Here are the images of the completed build.

PSU Side


PSU Top 3

PSU Rear

I wanted to replace my basic Pro-ject Phono Box preamp with something a little better.  After reading through some threads on I found a project for a JFET RIAA pre-amp from Boozhound Labs.

The kit came with a PCB and the parts required to populate it (including Russian PIO capacitors) but needed a power supply.  I made that separately.

As with my Hypex Power Amp, I bought a case from Modushop and had a rear panel machined and engraved by  Schaeffer.

Here are the pictures of the completed build.

Preamp Top 3

Preamp Top 2

Preamp Rear

I’m very happy with the result and the sound quality and have been using it with my Thorens TD-160 Super.

I wanted to new multi-channel amp to replace my previous Marantz MM9000 power amp.  After reading various reviews on I decided to use Hypex modules.  Specifically, UcD180HG 180w amp modules along with Hypex’s SMPS power supply modules.

I used a chassis from Modushop and had a rear panel machined and printed by Schaeffer.

These are the images of the competed build.

Amp Front

Amp Top 2

Amp Rear Lid off

Amp Rear

Because the amps expect a balanced input I also needed to make some phono to XLR input cables.

I was very happy with the result though later replaced the front two channels with a tube amp as I found the sound a little too clinical.